7 essential items you didn’t think to pack in your hospital bag

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Trawling the internet, you’ll find endless lists of absolute must haves to pack in your hospital bag. We’ll take you through some not so obvious items that you perhaps didn’t think of, but you’ll be glad you packed. 

1/ Pillows

Bringing your own pillows is a great way to bring a bit of home comfort to your hospital stay. Hospital pillows are very basic and not the comfiest, also you’re not guaranteed to get extra pillows if you need them, so bringing your own additions just makes sense. Top tip is to use pillowcases that aren’t white as you don’t want to get them muddled with the hospital pillows.

2/ Suitcase

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all your hospital essentials will fit into a nice neat overnight bag, especially if you are staying a few days. You’ll probably find that your snack bag alone would comfortably fill an overnight bag (more on this later). By the time you’ve popped in your “essentials”, you’ll know what we mean about needing a bigger ship. So be prepared to look like you are off for two weeks in Mallorca with a medium to large suitcase. It’s good to also take a weekend bag with you to keep all of the things you’ll quickly need access to, like your new baby outfits!

3/ Extra mobile data

If you’re in hospital for a few days, you don’t want to rely on the hospital WIFI. Labour can sometimes be a waiting game so have a back-up plan, especially if you’re planning to use Spotify for your music, want to stream TV shows or video call loved ones. Music is also great for motivation and relaxation so it’s a perfect companion during labour. Have some pre-set playlists for different moods saved. Top tip is to give this task to your birth partner. And if you’re bringing headphones, make sure they are wireless so that you can move about and keep active.

4/ Snack bag

Snacks, snacks and more snacks! This should be a collection of all your faves in one bag. What you have in here depends on if you are a sweet or savoury person. Whichever it is, be sure to get all of your super indulgent snacks in. If you need some inspiration, try, Lindt chocolate truffles (indulgent, but trust us, you deserve it), rice crackers, crisps, cereal bars, nuts and dried fruit. A sports drink like Lucozade or alternatively Coca-Cola are also great for boosts of energy when you need it, just make sure you don’t have too much caffeine so that you can also get some rest.

5/ Flip flops

Even in winter this is an essential. Hospitals are usually warm so we would go for flip flops over slippers any day. They are easily slipped on and off so that you can move around without an issue and you’ll want to slip them on to use the shower, especially if you’re on a shared ward.

6/ Water bottle with straw

Giving birth is thirsty work so you’ll want plenty of hydration on hand. Using a bottle with a straw is ideal so that you can still drink when lying down, bouncing on your ball or just walking around. We love stainless steel water bottles as they are much better for the environment than their plastic counterparts and have the added bonus of keeping your drink cool.

7/ Lip balm

The heating in hospitals can really dry your lips out, as can gas and air. So, don’t forget to bring your favourite lip balm along for the ride.

We hope you enjoyed our rundown of essential items to pack in your hospital bags. Have we missed something? Pop it in the comments below.

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