Must Have Toys for Babies 0-6 Months


Must Have Toys for Babies 0-6 Months: Our Picks

Black and White Baby Sensory Books by The Little Black & White Book Project

Beautiful, Illustrated picture books that develop your baby's vision and educate them about the wonderful wild world.

Soft Dragon Rattle by Fabelab

The softest organic cotton dragon rattle with a soft ring and crunchy bits to stimulate your baby's senses.

Tooth Teether by Konges Sløjd 

Natural rubber tooth teether by Konges Sløjd to soothe those sore gums, with an easy to grip handle for little hands.

Natural Rattle by Bezisa  

A rattle and teether all in one, this natural rattle is made from sustainably sourced birchwood, perfect for keeping your baby engaged while developing their motor skills.

Best Toys for Babies 0-6 Months 

In the first 6 months of your baby’s life, you’ll be amazed by just how much they change as they make the important transition from newborn to baby. Play is a vital part of this journey as it helps them make sense of their new world, encouraging them to master new skills, from cognitive and physical right through to social and emotional. Through play, your baby will be mastering their newfound skills, such as reaching and grabbing, smiling and rolling over. It’s important to consider that babies can easily be overstimulated, so their toys don’t have to be complicated. Simple and open-ended toys are best to spark their curiosity and imagination. We know that it can be overwhelming to decide on the right toys for your baby. That’s why we’ve rounded up our picks of the must have toys for early development in the first 6 months of your baby’s life.

Black and White Sensory Books 

Your baby is never too young for their first book. But why black and white? In the first months of their life, your baby is only able to distinguish between high contrasts of light and dark. In fact, a baby’s colour vision isn’t fully developed until around five months of age. That’s why black and white stimulus is great for helping to develop their vision in those first months.

Newborn babies won’t be able to grab objects yet, but you can hold picture books in their line of vision, at around 8-15 inches away, and they’ll be able to detect the high contrasts between the black and white lines of the illustrations, sending strong visual signals to the brain and encouraging faster visual development. When your baby is around 2-4 months, they’ll be reaching out for the book themselves, as well as learning to turn the pages.

Our black and white sensory books are made with thick FSC certified card and printed with soy ink, so are sturdy enough that they can withhold a good bashing about and have no nasties for when your little one wants to explore with their mouth. Suitable from birth, with younger babies you can use the books to describe what you see, teaching them about the wonderful animals featured. These books will also take them right into their toddler years where they will quickly pick up the names of the animals they’ve seen since birth, an impressive skill when your little one is able to distinguish between an albatross and a pangolin!

Shop the full collection of our black and white sensory books.


In the first couple of months of their life, your baby will be becoming more and more aware of their surroundings and will soon start turning their head to follow objects and sounds.  Although your baby won’t be able to grasp objects until around 2-4 months, rattles are the perfect toy to help them master these new skills and can be introduced from birth as Baby’s first toy.

Try rattles with different sounds and textures to stimulate your baby and encourage them to track the movement as you play. Once they’re around 2-4 months, encourage your baby to reach out and grasp their rattle by putting it just out of reach. They’ll love to grab at it and give it a shake themselves as soon as they are able. By 6 months, they should be well on their way to mastering handling their toy, even passing it from one hand to another.

Discover our collection of soft rattles which are perfect for play time. All of our rattles are made from the softest organic cotton, have a soft ringing sound and crunchy paper for stimulating your baby’s senses. Easy to grasp for little fingers, they’re suitable for even the littlest of ones and come in an adorable range of characters to choose from.

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Not only are teethers great to soothe sore gums when their first teeth start coming though, they make the perfect grasping toy to help develop your baby’s fine motor skills. You can introduce a teething toy as soon as your baby starts to reach for objects at around 2-4 months. Babies tend to explore everything with their mouth, it’s how they make sense of their environment, so teething toys are perfect to give them something safe to hold, suck and chew on. As well as stimulating their senses, such as touch and taste, your baby can use a teething toy to practice coordination and use of their hands.

When it comes to choosing your baby’s first teething toy, try one that is made from natural materials, with no added nasties. Our wooden teethers are made from all natural and sustainably sourced Birchwood or Maplewood and are the perfect size for little fingers to grasp. Our natural wooden teether is a great option as it’s highly versatile, functioning as both a teether and rattle. The monstera leaf even has crunchy paper inside to further delight your baby whilst stimulating their senses. Or try our BPA free, 100% natural rubber molar tooth from Konges Sløjd. Hand painted using food grade paint, the molar tooth features a friendly face, is easy to grasp, using one hand or two, and has a multitude of textures for your baby to explore. 

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